Father and son, Doug and Levi Lynch, had a dream of creating Clovis Indoor Soccer. When Levi’s youth soccer team began competing in 2011 in indoor soccer, they soon realized that indoor soccer was great fun, and provided endless training opportunities. It became very clear to them, that Clovis and surrounding areas would benefit from a place to play and practice their soccer skills. Clovis needed a comfortable, well lit, soccer field, year round.
Four years later, their dream is coming true. Clovis Indoor Soccer will become the home of a 15,000 square foot facility, offering a temperature controlled environment year round, high output lighting equivalent to daylight, and a state of the art indoor playing field with artificial turf called infill turf, that feels and plays like real grass. The turf consists of very small rubber pellets filled in-between the two inch tall blades of grass, all 100% Latex free.
Clovis Indoor Soccer will have multiple leagues playing throughout the year. Options will include, several different men’s and women’s leagues set up by skill levels. Skill levels range from first time player to advanced player. Whatever your skill level is, there will be a place for you. Clovis Indoor Soccer a great place to learn and have fun while getting some great exercise. We look forward to promoting soccer and helping players and coaches form a life long love of the game.